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Trust Services

Protect your family's assets during and after your lifetime.

An estate plan is critical to safeguarding your assets and wishes while providing protection from unnecessary expenses and taxes.

We've made it easy to accomplish this by including all the necessary components in a trust package.

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Control of assets: you declare the beneficiaries of your assets and can accommodate specific bequests and have greater control on the distribution of assets.

Flexibility: a revocable trust can be changed (amended) to accommodate any changes during your life.

Privacy protection: trusts are private and are not subject to the public’s view unlike the probate process.

Avoid probate: trusts bypass probate which provides an efficient transfer of assets to your beneficiary and can avoid costly court fees.

Incapacitation: you are ensured that your healthcare wishes will be carried out on your behalf in the event you cannot make them yourself.

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  • Revocable Living Trust - permits you to eliminate going to probate court and transfer assets to named beneficiaries.


  • Pour-Over Will – includes naming guardians for minor children and directs assets to the trust if you neglect to transfer title to your living trust during your lifetime.


  • Community Property Agreement - clarifies who owns what at the time the trust document is established and maximizes income tax planning at the death of the first grantor.


  • Comprehensive Transfer Form - transfers ownership of your assets to your Revocable Living Trust.

  • Certification of Revocable Living Trust - a summary or short version of your Revocable Living Trust.


  • Financial Power of Attorney - outlines and gives someone authority to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so.


  • Health Care Documents - Health Care Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and HIPAA Release - empowers someone to make health care decisions on your behalf, including outlining your wishes about the withholding or withdrawal of any and all medical treatment.


Other Documents:

  • Personal Letter of Direction

  • Information for Survivors

  • Funding Instructions

Delivered in an organized binder and digitally stored in an online Vault.

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