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About Us

BOLT Wealth Management is a collaborative planning and investment firm, changing the landscape to better serve our clients and support their values to establish, cultivate and preserve their financial livelihood. Through a planning-based process, we utilize strategies and techniques to address the questions that pertain to a comfortable financial future for individuals, families and businesses.


We are a planning-based firm that is designed to give people access to quality and professional advice. Our passion for this is driven by the relationship and not the size of an account or a transaction. We operate in a conflict-free structure embracing the fiduciary standard.

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Relationship Focused

We believe the relationship is the most important factor when working with clients.  All clients deserve to be given access to a qualified advisor which shouldn’t merely be based on an account balance or transaction. In fact, we focus on working with clients who value building a strong financial blueprint regardless of their investable assets. 

Fiduciary Commitment

As an RIA firm, we are fiduciaries working in your sole interest and we have the freedom to use the resources necessary to accomplish this. Being independent, our advisers only address your agenda; and unlike most advisers, we do not serve the financial goals of an employer or shareholders and are not incentivized to use proprietary or “approved” products. This choice empowers us to conduct ourselves free from conflict and to focus on flourishing the relationship.

Collaborative Approach

As a collaborative, we embrace a culture of shared ideas, continued learning, strong experience and varied expertise. Our advisers build relationships with industry professionals to gain perspectives, resources, and shared knowledge to best ensure our clients are served prudently. Our collaborative experience positions us to work seamlessly with your existing team of professionals or coordinate a team from a network of vetted partners. 


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