• Brian Traverso, ChFC, AIF, CPFA, AWMA, EA

What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recession


I'd like to share this article of interest. It's a short, 3 minute read and here are the main points from it.

  • Typically in recessions, consumers tighten up by buying less quality or sub-premium beer.

  • Sub-premium beer is sold in bulk which is convenient during these COVID times, but cheap beer is losing market share.

  • Beer sales in stores are surging by the shutdown of bars, restaurants, clubs, and sporting venues.

  • Craft and imported beer sales have unexpectedly increased. This is due to the "premiumization" effect. This includes hard seltzer drinks too.

  • People who tend to buy "premium" beer work in industries least affected by recessions and can continue working through one, specifically remotely.

  • Craft breweries are getting hit the hardest since 40% of their sales are dependent on keg sales in restaurants compared to only 10% of the large, well known breweries which get a majority of their sales from store purchases.

If you'd like to read more, access the full article here:

What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recess
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