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One of the core concerns employers have is:

How do I take care of my employees?



Taking care of your employees:

With the right benefits package, you become the company prospective employees want to work for and, along with current employees, the ​company they don't want to leave!

The foundation for this starts with a retirement program. There are various types of a retirement plan with the 401(k) being the most familiar. Because of its flexible design, the 401(k) can be designed to promote responsible retirement savings habits for employees and favorable tax treatment for business owners. 

What employers don't want in a 401(k) plan:

  • don't want to have to become 401(k) experts to run their plan

  • don't want to be at risk

  • don't want fines or penalties

  • don't want to overpay

  • don't want anything less than the best  

What Employers Need in a 401(k) Plan

Business Focus Areas (click each focus area to learn more)
Practice Areas
  • 401(k) & 403(b)

  • Pensions

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • HSA

  • Financial Education

  • 1 on 1 Meetings

  • Group Meetings

  • Wellness

  • Executive Bonus

  • Deferred Compensation

  • Stock Options

  • Key-Man Planning

  • Buy/Sell Planning

  • Business Exiting

  • Family-Owned