The Why & How

Why & How

Most financial services websites bombard you with what they you save for retirement, plan for your children's education, ensure your assets are invested properly. While those are important for you to know and no website would be complete without them (you can view ours below), we feel it's more important to explain the why and how. Why would you engage in a relationship with us and how will it look like?

The Why?

This may seem obvious. Typically when you have a medical question or concern, you consult a doctor, a tax issue...a CPA, but where do you turn to to address that is causing you stress, uncertainty and lack of sleep in your financial world? We thrive at being the answer. Simpy put, are here to help improve your financial wellbeing. But there's more to it. This answers where to go for help, but why work with us?

Make no mistake, this will be a relationship! We want to provide value to you this isn't measured by an account balance or transaction. With any relationship, trust is the foundation. Beyond trust, there are other attributes to a successful relationship; compatibility, transparency, loyalty, communication.  Mutually, we have to be a good fit and both parties are engaged.

The How?

So how do we build trust? We start by embracing a business model that is aligned with our moral compass. Our firm is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and we are held to the highest standard provided by law. As a fiduciary, we are legally required to act in your best interest. In addition, our moral compass holds us to act in your sole interest.

Transparency is critical to establishing and maintaining trust. Fees and costs are clearly explained. We do not engage in investment vehicles or associate ourselves with vendors or provide solutions that have hidden costs, referral fees or any type of fees that would constitute a conflict of (your) interest. 

Communication is the oxygen of the relationship. Each of us has to have the skills to communicate effectively. This ensures we are on the same page and the quality advice is ......._____We are constantly studying and learning methods of communication and learning different people's different styles of communicating